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Book Challenge

All students have reading goals and these will continue. Read! Read! Read!

Community 4 Newsletter!

C4 Academics 3/25/2020

Important Dates:

  • National Latin Exam (7th & 8th graders): Friday, March 13th at 8:20am (after WSMM)
  • EOE Rehearsal: Thursday, March 19 (and performance that night)
  • C4 Goes to the Hub Farm -March 18th
  • March 25th - C4 Student Led Conferences 2:30-4:00
  • Montessori Mash-Up - Thursday, March 26th
  • April 1st - C4 Student Led Conferences 2:30-4:00
  • Holocaust Survivor Zev Harel speaks to 7th & 8th graders: Thursday, April 2nd at 1:00pm
  • April 7th - C4 Student Led Conferences 2:30-6:00
  • Model UN State Conference: Friday, April 24th - Sunday, April 26th
  • Early Release Day: Wednesday, May 6th
  • May 19th - 7th Grade End-of-Year Leadership Trip
  • May 21st - 8th Grade End-of-Year "Taking a Leap" Trip